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Zendaya Takes On Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is nothing new. We’re hit with it left and right, and sometimes the appropriators can somehow get away with it. But, more recently they’ve been getting called out for their antics, e.g., Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, and of course Rachel Dolezal).  Photo Cred: Theroot.com Well, the triple threat (and member of the fan-made black PowerPuff…


Dear America, We’re Not Invisible Anymore: “When I See Them I See Us”

The driving force behind the American Dream has always been about silencing the disposable bodies hidden underground, the invisible characters– simply as a result of the refusal of others to see them. The Dream requires one group to stay asleep, while the other stays awake. For too long, oppressed minorities in our country were asleep, segregated from their innate sense…

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#BlackLivesMatter: The Ambiguous Commission On African-American Males

Art work credited to Michael White *This is part of a series showing support to the Movement for Black Lives, which consist of various activist groups & organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, actively fighting for black liberation and social mobility. We give thanks to Dream Defenders, Race Forward, Black Youth Project 100, Blackbird, Million Hoodies, OBS: the Organization for Black Struggle, Ferguson Action,…

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