Black History Month: Black Panther, Black Superheroes in Blockbuster Films

On May 6 episode of Fatman on Batman, a 75-minute podcast, journalist/comic book writer Marc Bernardin and filmmaker/comedian Kevin Smith made quite a comparison when it said The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s now-iconic 2008 superhero crime thriller drama, was the men-in-tights equivalent to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 epic mob sequel, The Godfather Part II. Both…


Black History Month: Statue Of First Black Professional Footballer Unveiled

After roughly seven years in the making, a monument of one of (world) football’s early legends has been revealed at St. George’s Park in England. The modern day fan may not be so familiar with his name, however, Arthur Wharton was a true hero who paved the way for thousands upon thousands of black professional footballers to this day. Originally…

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