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Pursuit Of Happiness Part 2

While maintaining my humble underground rapper status, the scariest thing is that there is no bottom – no one is there to catch me when I fall. It is not a 9-to-5 job where I have a set of responsibilities and duties that I am accountable for. I am not a student where my efforts are graded on a piece of paper. If I want to wake up after the sunset and waste my entire day, it is only my guilt and shame that keeps me moving. If I want to give up, there is no one to tell me otherwise. Having a strong mentality is just as important as having a talent. It is not that the only the strong survive – the ones that persist and survive are the strong ones.


Horrorcore Explained By A Horrorcore Artist

The entertainment industry thrives on controversy to sell records, movies, and games, while the media thrives on the entertainment industry to sell you news and religious/political agendas. The Music industry has been shaped, molded, and evolved by lyrical and visual shock value since it started. Think back to the late 1960’s/early 70’s during the “heyday” of rock ‘n roll.


Wale’s Aids Awareness Show That No One Went To

The AIDS awareness show just wrapped up in Philadelphia but no one knows that it happened. AIDS awareness is a very important topic that sadly the youth of this country are not being properly exposed to. While other countries pound the issue of safe sex into the heads of children and often pass out free (American funded) condoms and medications, we are still living in a stone age (religious) utopia where the use of condoms are often condemned by religious authorities/leaders.


How Lyricks Found Religion In Africa

Lyricks has toured with the Wu Tang clan and has been documented as being a major player in the Asian American movement in Hiphop. Many co-sign his ability in rap and he’s even known as a rapper’s rapper but he’s never been shy about his faith. Rick Lee has been a devote Christian and music has been a reflection of that. OogeeWoogee and Lyricks joined forces to bring you his story about fusing religion and rap.


Athletes And Their Shitty Music

As a sports fan it always pains me when athletes I like put out terrible music. After the legendarily terrible “Super bowl Shuffle” from the Chicago Bears it seemed like every team felt the need to create a tune. The Oakland Raiders gave us “Silver and Black Anthem”, followed up by the LA Rams “Ram It”. Not to be outdone my beloved Philadelphia Eagles even gave it a shot with “Buddy’s Watchin’ You”..


Dave Chappelle Is A Dream Deferred

In 2005, at the height of his career, Dave Chappelle released a concert documentary titled Block Party. At this point Dave has worked tirelessly as a stand up comedian, actor, writer, and the list goes on. With the new level of success that The Chappelle Show has brought him he decides to put together his dream concert in Brooklyn, New York. Fast forward to 2014, after a long hiatus from show business, Dave Chappelle comes back with a new comedy/live music show and I get to attend. However, this show does not seem as noble as Block Party once was.

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