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Spongebob Taught Me Sexual Tolerance

The year was 1999 when Spongebob Squarepants premiered on Nickelodeon right after the Kids’ Choice Awards. There was something so incredibly captivating about this cartoon and I took a liking to it almost immediately. It had this ridiculously happy-go-lucky theme song, an amazing collection of colors in the animation, and arguably the strangest main character seen to date: A seemingly…

Zilla Van Den Born photoshopped herself into photo at a temple in Amsterdam. Source: Express UK.

The Art of Online Posing

It goes without saying that a lot of folks front on social media. If you go by your news feeds everyone is making moves, grinding, and generally living the best life you can imagine.  A 25-year-old Dutch student proved profile updates can be misleading. Zilla Van Den Born convinced her family and friends that she was away on…

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