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Watch: New York Rapper Rekstizzy Eats Philly

[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″ video_id=”zPrbN6eraJg”] Rekstizzy made his way from Queens, NY to Philadelphia this past weekend to do some recording and we got a chance to catch up with him. During our conversation we realized he’s been to Philly before but has never experienced the staples that make Philadelphia, Philadelphia. I know what you’re thinking… cheesesteaks….


Graphic Nature: Jay-Z

Editor’s Note: ‘Graphic Nature’ is a new original series of graphic portraits that bring up the discussion of how each rapper has aged and affected one long-time fan. When I was in sixth grade, Jay-Z announced he was retiring and I was devastated. 10 years and millions upon millions of dollars worth of pretension later, I wish he…

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