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Portuguese is Not Spanish

“Oh, so you’re Spanish?” “Isn’t that just like Spanish?”  “Aren’t Portuguese and Spanish pretty much the same thing?” Pretty much: no. Portuguese is not Spanish. Portugal is not Spain. Portugal and Spain are two separate, independently sovereign countries, each with their own distinctive identity; fuck what you’ve been told. Are the two cultures incredibly interconnected?…

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Why Are You More Offended by Curse Words than You are by Sexism?

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″ video_id=”dLoOVbh0g28″] Oh SHIT! Everyone’s favorite little cursing munchkins from FCKH8 are back with another hard-hitting video about anti-sexism. Okay, well maybe not everyone is feeling these little divas. Their latest video features a Christmas themed speech about women not receiving equal pay in the workplace, to which I say FCKYEA! This needs to…

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