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Waka Flocka Boycotts University of Oklahoma Performance After Seeing Racist Frat Video

By now you’ve most likely heard of or seen the video of University of Oklahoma fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon participating in a nauseatingly racist chant about never letting black people pledge for their frat – a chant that the frat seems to be very familiar with. Ironically this happened on the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”. While…

We Discussed an 82-yr Old marriage vs Hip Hop Longevity

In this latest OogeeWoogee video, we juxtapose the story of an 82-yr old marriage with that of Hip Hop longevity. Could Hip Hop last as long, and could we, hip hop heads, possibly sustain aspects of the lifestyle 82 years from now? Read more about the 82-year old marriage:  L’Union Suite, a Haitian-American culture website, republished an article…

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