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Armani White | REC SESSIONS

We preserve the culture of Hip Hop by cultivating and sustaining relationships with cultural producers- the relentless makers of multidimensional art. It’s why we rocked with What Scene? for their Yacht Jaunt event, and why we’re also teaming up with Rec Philly again (See SXSW post) by featuring their Rec Sessions. And yes, the artists will be invited to our multimedia studio…


This Korean-American Girl was Shamed for her Looks so She Called Out South Korea on Their Unrealistic Beauty Standards

I’m proud to call Julianna Haahs a personal friend of mine. She’s always had an air about her that was genuinely sweet (extra emphasis on genuine) and selfless. Julianna is also beautiful on the outside as much as within, so when she visited Korea and her own family criticized her looks (which is a more…

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