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Who Owns Hip Hop?

In Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, arguably the finest play in the 20th century (or any century), teenaged Thomasina weeps because ancient Alexandria’s library was destroyed — and with it the many lost plays of the Athenians — her tutor Septimus gives her a different perspective: “You should no more grieve for [them] than for a buckle from…

Samsung’s New TV ‘Serif’ is a Work of Art

Samsung has been leading the electronics market for some time now and with the newest trend being technology mixed with style and aesthetic, such as wearable tech, the Korean based lifestyle company presents their new line of Serif televisions. Serif takes the safe route with minimal yet modern design which is the brainchild of designers…

Kid Twist: Battle Rap vs. Literature

[Click Video Above] We caught up with Kid Twist during our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. The first King of the Dot champion provided brilliant insight into the inherent competitive nature of Hip Hop, the “self-sufficient culture” surrounding Battle Rap, slam poetry vs battle rap, the break down of the inferiority complex in…

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