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Why I Didn’t Laugh at Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin on SNL

The magnificent Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin but, this time, I didn’t laugh. Fey’s performance, again, was brilliant. Sarah Palin’s horrifying endorsement speech, however, was already comedic gold. I couldn’t laugh at Tina Fey’s mockery of Palin because I was physically unable to express confidence in my ability to escape reality. Escapism is…

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My Memories Of Cadalack Ron

When I heard Cadalack Ron passed away this weekend, my mind immediately snapped back to an interview I did with him March. “Do you ever ask yourself how you’re still alive?” I asked him, after 10 minutes of him telling one harrowing life story after another. “Dude,” Ron said, as he made indelible eye contact with me. “But…

NEW MUSIC: Mason – “Flaws” (prod. by FortuneWest)

The first words of Philadelphia area native emcee Mason‘s new track are “I ain’t perfect”; which is quite fitting, considering the song is entitled “Flaws”. Produced by FortuneWest, it’s a single off the duo’s upcoming Gods We Were EP. Over a throwback-styled beat with a soulful vocal sample chopped throughout, Mason preaches the virtues of accepting one’s…

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