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Artist Spotlight: “Otherwise” by Kriss Mincey

Coming out of Maryland by way of Philadelphia, we have the young miss Kriss Mincey doing a live rendition of her sultry tune “Otherwise.” The live recording, with some jazzy guitar accompaniment, features one of the lead singles off of her untitled upcoming project. Mincey rose to notoriety through her run on American Idol. She…

TeamBackPack Español Put These Emcees Over Live MPCs

Put five producers (FelaBeats, Oka Miles, TianBeats, Dj Drako Zeack, its MPC) and five emcees (Indee Styla, Lauryn Nine, Marga Mbande, Talya, Kyne and Zeidah) from Latin America together for a live produced performance, and the video at the top is what you get. TeamBackPack is a platform receiving a lot of attention for keeping…

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The Voss and Rone Experience

They fucked up and left two crazy white boys alone in the office today, and tomorrow. So you know what that means? It’s a takeover. We’re gonna give you the raw, uncut, unfiltered, unadulterated realness. Buckle the fuck up. Get ready for a wild one. The Voss and Rone Oogeewoogee experience starts now.

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