Daily Archives: February 11, 2016


Black Girl Magic, Goon Squad Goals and Anarchy: Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50

By now, it’s a part of universal pop culture iconography: Twenty-four hours after releasing the Melina Matsoukas-directed “Formation,” heralded as one of the most politically sapient music videos in recent memory, Beyoncé Knowles, the 34-year-old global pop superstar hailing from Houston, Texas, bum-rushed the Levi’s Stadium and slayed with a spellbinding Black Panther-themed performance. Alongside…

Kevin Abstract’s “Echo” Will Remind You Of Old Kanye

Kevin Abstract is just 19 but has talent and wisdom beyond his years. In his latest music video, “Echo”, Abstract sings us through a litany of his deepest thoughts. On this tour of his subconscious, he explores the indulgences he’s taken (he’s started smoking cigarettes) and the vices he’s avoided (coke hasn’t touched his nose…

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