Daily Archives: March 7, 2016

Diaspora Through Dining: The Black & Asian Experience

Wilkine Brutus (Haitian-American) and Danny Chung (Korean-American) explore their immigrant backgrounds, identity politics, Hip Hop, and the cross-cultural hardships of American assimilation in the Black and Asian community. In this first video, Chung invites Brutus to Jonro, a Korean restaurant in the heart of Koreatown, NYC, to break bread and explore their commonality. We’ve teamed up with Ebony…

The Rise of Afrofuturism Continues

The subcultural concept of “Afrofuturism” is nothing new. We’ve certainly written, shot photography, and have made videos about it and its cousin AfroPunk. The concept seems to be edging closer into the mainstream. In the video above, Vox Media re-introduced this black cultural movement by coalescing overall theme and message with the current sociocultural uprising…

We’ve Spotted Biased Mainstream Media Coverage Through Their Headlines, Again.

“After Super Tuesday, there was Super Saturday. Only it wasn’t quite so super for Donald Trump. And for Marco Rubio, it was worse than a day stuck in the house in the middle of winter with pouring rain, screaming kids and nothing on the TV.” -Alan Fisher

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