Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

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In News That Isn’t News, Donald Trump’s Use Of Black Women Is Racist

The two main black women that Donald Trump is using to campaign for him are named Diamond and Silk. Real quick, before you know any other facts, does that sound racist? Before we delve into any further specifics, consider the fact that Trump, with his conniving, media-manipulating mind and team of press-spinners, situation-handlers, and idea guys/gals,…

This is Why David Castro is the Man Behind “Dungeon Forward”

There is no room for risk aversion in fashion, but there is certainly space for it in business. David Castro, chief designer of Dungeon Forward, is straddling the lines a bit; he has to. He’s a graduate from FAMU and UM with a master’s degree in architecture, but that drastically different degree isn’t preventing his drive…

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