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Criminals For Hire

We all know or at least have heard about the problems that plague the “inner city negro”. From sunrise to sunset, news seekers get on-site correspondence across various media about the plight of poor folks. Those unprivileged, unfortunate bastards who live on or beneath the margins and the pits they attempt to exist in, including drugs, crime,…

Pretty Ass Drinks w/ Cain Kerner | Episode 1 | “The Grain Exchange”

The premise of “Pretty Ass Drinks” is simple. I grew up consuming poor-quality swill from a young age. When my friends and I were like 14, we often relied on getting oldheads (OGs/random older dudes) to buy us alcohol when we desired some. Ignorant to “the good shit” and having a limited budget, I grew…


Black Panther and the Rise of Black Superheroes in Blockbuster Films

On May 6 episode of Fatman on Batman, a 75-minute podcast, journalist/comic book writer Marc Bernardin and filmmaker/comedian Kevin Smith made quite a comparison when it said The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s now-iconic 2008 superhero crime thriller drama, was the men-in-tights equivalent to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 epic mob sequel, The Godfather Part II. Both…

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