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The Black Prom Experience

Yesterday, while having a conversation with a coworker, who just happens to be white, we somehow found ourselves viewing a video of a black prom sendoff. If that sounds like a specific sub-genre, then good; it totally is. After 5 minutes of a synchronized dance routine to a Beyoncé song by two completely different kids, who…

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How Fracking Could Have Prevented 9/11

The German government has agreed in principal to put a ban on fracking, following France in their decision to ban the controversial practice. Fracking has been the source of debates domestic and international. Does it hurt the environment? Is it an economically advantageous process? Either way, fracking begets fuel, and that can cause some big…

The Purge: Election Year Is Almost Here

2013 thriller The Purge was immensely successful commercially, grossing almost $90 million during its time in theaters. Its sequel the next year, The Purge: Anarchy, raked in $111 million. Speculation about a third installment has buzzed throughout modern horror fans since. On July 1st, next Friday, the series becomes a trilogy, as The Purge: Election Year…


President Obama and Derek Jeter Talk Retirement and Inspiration

President Barack Obama snuck a few jokes in during his casual meeting with baseball legend Derek Jeter, founding publisher of the The Players’ Tribune. The Roosevelt Room at the White House was filled with genuine admiration for each other. Retirement and life inspiration was the central theme–the interview was divided into short, introspective segments: “Childhood,” “Strength,” “Advice…

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