5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Career at a Startup, Part 2

We gave you the first three reasons last week for why you should definitely begin your career at a startup company. Here are the last two reasons, in case we haven’t convinced you yet:

4) You learn the importance of ownership.

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You realize you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. Since the team of people you work with is so small, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility. You’ll wear multiple hats, learn multiple things simultaneously, and you’ll come to fully appreciate the values of organization and time management.

I was put into my position as an editorial director, but I learned so much more than just editing stories. I learned how to manage a budget, manage people and their individual, crazy schedules, and their even crazier attitudes–and, on a more positive note, how to help bring out these people’s talents.

All of these experiences made me truly care about the company. I thought of it as my own, and I found myself thinking about how to make the company better, even during my time off.

5) There are huge rewards.

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I walked away with a solid work ethic and a pocket full of rich experiences.

If your boss is kind enough and offers you equity, you could walk away with a ton of cash in your pocket if the company sells.

But never go into a startup with money on your mind because, in the beginning, your team will be worrying about how to maximize limited amounts of money anyway. You most likely won’t be living the Bill Gates lifestyle when you first start.

Go into a startup with a good attitude and passion–make that company succeed no matter what it takes. If you do, that will be worth more than any monetary gain, because you’ll be able to take those experiences with you as you move through life, and you’ll create wealth on your own terms.

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