6 Questions with Ladies of the 6ix

We continue our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival by interviewing “Ladies of the 6ix,” a few young Canadian professionals navigating Toronto’s diverse cultural environment: Abeer, Natasha, Yolanda, and Sharob.

We explored the differences between American and Canadian social perceptions, the mental process of race and nationality, Toronto slang, regional differences, dating, and the Toronto music and art scene.

Special Thanks to Mona:
I met Abeer during her visit to Jeju island, South Korea. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Mona, an Egyptian who is also from Canada. I met Natasha, Yolanda, and Sharob in Miami, another connection that went through Mona. Yes, let’s just call Mona the ultimate connector, one you’d find in a Malcolm Gladwell book.

We are attached to each other– this human interconnectedness blends well with our beauty.

Shot and edited by Alex Nguyen


Content Director at OogeeWoogee. I'm a nomad; I like to engage in cross-cultures experiences---I'm a wanderlust, eating pancakes everywhere I go.

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