We Discussed an 82-yr Old marriage vs Hip Hop Longevity

In this latest OogeeWoogee video, we juxtapose the story of an 82-yr old marriage with that of Hip Hop longevity. Could Hip Hop last as long, and could we, hip hop heads, possibly sustain aspects of the lifestyle 82 years from now?

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L’Union Suite
, a Haitian-American culture website, republished an article by USA Today about Duranord Veillard, who celebrated a major milestone a few weeks back. Veillard turned 108-years-old, according to USA Today, and also celebrated 82-years of marriage with his wife, Jeanne, who will turn 105 in May.

Veillard is a native of Haiti and studied law.  The report also says he obtained a visa to live in the United States after losing his job as a judge. After settling in Spring Valley, NY., he retired as a lab technician. As possibly the oldest marriage couple in Rockland County, they have 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.


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