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A Hot, Deadly Summer for the Trump Campaign

Everyone is still looking ahead to the dystopian blockbusters of 2016. The most anticipated movies feature supervillains who are more than capable of destroying the world, unless their weaknesses gets exposed or they’re prone to self-destruction. And since Donald Trump, an American supervillian, is factually bad for the world economy and democratic civility, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that terrified audiences want to see his character destroyed in climactic fashion.

I certainly don’t wish death on anyone, but some do. Trump knows it. He’s trying to reconcile with the consequences of his hate speech; he’s preparing to fight off a hot, deadly summer for his presidential campaign, and the potential threats to his own life–all mixed in a bucket of American irony.

For all of the hate Trump spews at illegal Mexicans (and Muslims), it was Michael Sandford, a 20-year-old British citizen who was living in the US illegally, that tried to take a gun from an officer at a Donald Trump rally in Vegas to kill the candidate. It’s still the type of plot twist you’d expect from a summer blockbuster, but you wouldn’t expect a supervillain to be so tone-deaf to the other problems that are preventing his authoritarian rise.

The transition to the general election is simply bleak. I imagine a scene with Donald Trump in an empty office space, sweating and staring at a messy whiteboard, scrawled with a top 10 list of current issues that are foreshadowing his eventual demise. And since he’s already branded himself as a neofascist, there are no solutions to his woes, other than sitting defeated in his warm chair, watching his Tower crumble from a crack in his glass window:

1. Trump’s exploitation of the Orlando massacre backfired.
2. 1,000 Republicans nationwide, including hundreds of GOP delegates, are building an anti-Trump coalition, right on time for the Republican convention.
3. 7 in 10 Americans view him unfavorably, according to a Washington Post/ABC survey
4. 94 percent unfavorable rating with Black Americans.
5. 89 percent unfavorable rating with of Latinos.
6. He recently fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, to begin the bloody summer.
7. Bad Funding: “FEC filings revealed that his campaign has $1.3 million in cash on hand against Hillary Clinton’s $43 million war chest.”
8. 61 percent unfavorable rating with Asian-Americans.
9. He will eventually alienate his base as his views steer to the political center.
10. He’s currently seeking emergency funding, which lead to #TrumpSoPoor trending nationally.

Donald Trump’s dog-whistle politics have morphed into growling and barking, and everyone has heard enough. He is a supervillian with no substance; a wild, underdeveloped character that is bound to self-destruct. There is a sizable anti-establishment movement in the United States, which is still a challenge to both corporate-influenced political parties. But, despite the uphill battle, the Democrats are smelling blood. And so are the audience.


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