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America is Not Civilized: Good News vs Racism

What is the video above about? Well…

There is a particular kind of exhaustion that comes with constantly exploring ones blackness and having it perpetually placed under society’s microscope. I wish I was talking about outer-space but, even if I were, we’d be too busy occupying it with institutional racism and structural inequality.

America’s inability to move the “race” conversation into a tangible thing has hampered our ability to be happy and have the guilt-free space to explore the inner and outer-workings of life. Amidst all of our technological and medical advancements, we still can’t or refuse to reconcile with our socioeconomic differences.

Are the millennials our last hope, despite the unfortunate fact about their implicit racial bias?

Margaret Mead and James Baldwin, during a public conversation in New York, wrestled with the concept of human guilt and responsibility. They both agreed that we all (especially those willing to change or contribute to the human condition) should accept everybody’s sufferings.

Perhaps we, as Americans, should embrace that sense of responsibility first, fix the structural and cultural issues the best way we can, and then finally attempt to enjoy all of the things we’ve accomplished together– as humans.

target 2015

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