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Anton Yelchin and the Fear of Death

In a freak accident, a friend found Anton Yelchin, the young  “Star Trek Beyond” actor on his inclined driveway pinned between his car and a brick mailbox pillar. There were no foul play suspected in his death. The up-and-coming actor was best known for his roles in “Alpha Dog,” “Like Crazy” “Charlie Bartlett,” and “Green Room.” He will also be added to a long 2016 list of celebrity deaths, along with tragedies that have raised our collective anxiety levels.

On Sunday, Yelchin’s family will spend the entire Father’s Day in mourning. The rest of us will suppress our sadness by watching heartwarming commercials that fill our digital screens, highly anticipated films, TV shows and sporting events.  We will do anything we can to ignore life’s unpredictable outcomes–anything to suppress death anxiety.

Coincidentally, philosophical musings on human life appeared in the trailer for “Star Trek Beyond.”

“Fear of death is illogical,” said Spock.

And Bones replies: “Fear of death is what keeps us alive.”

Anton Yelchin’s friends, costars and colleagues rushed to social media to share their condolences. Everyone is in ruins.

Perhaps the fear of death is both illogical and what keeps some of us alive.


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