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Kevin ‘Ai-Que’ Smith II is a hip-hop artist, former educator, and co-Director of Philadelphia’s longest running Hip Hop event, The Gathering. As a English and History Education alum from the prestigious Lincoln University, PA Ai-Que also challenges the socio-cultural climate by fostering open dialogue and advocating for unity among underserved communities. He’s currently on a national music tour performing as a solo artist. Ai-Que’ explores hip-hop lifestyle, lyricism, politics, activism, technology and pop culture for OogeeWoogee.



AirBnb is suing the city of San Francisco to object a short term rental rule change set to take effect in late July.  The rule change would require all AirBnB hosts to register with the city or AirBnB would face a $1,000 a day for each listing not registered. The proposed law change is after…


#TBT The Fire is Rison: Check Mate

22 years ago, on this exact day, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (RIP) burned down her then boyfriend and Atlanta Falcons star, Andre Rison’s multi-million dollar mansion. The story goes like this this. Trust was an issue for the couple and Left Eye decided to get back at Andre by staying out with the girls all…


#TBT F*** Your First Amendment

Donald Trump is a fascist in a liberal democratic country and he can’t wait to flip this country upside down. Any human on the planet without debilitating brain injuries recognizes the racism, xenophobia, and ignorance as catharsis for how terrible he feels about himself and capabilities. However, in some strange shit storm of a galaxy…

Man On The Street: Celebrity Presidents

With Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for the 2016 Presidential election, we potentially will be looking at celebrity POTUS. I’m not sure if you remember our last celebrity POTUS, Ronald Regan, but that didn’t exactly work out for Black folks. Anything is possible so Adam Ferrone took to the streets to ask the people,…

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