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A Quick Walk and Talk With Curren$y

“You’ve got 7 minutes…or as long as it takes for Curren$y to walk to his car,” a manager says to me and another reporter as Curren$y’s entourage starts to emerge from his dressing room. Shit. As I quickly begin to condense 30 minutes worth of interview questions into seven, a smiling Curren$y appears in the…


Pussy Power’ Unapologetically Empowers All Women [Finale]

Groups of women in the media are often depicted as catty, backstabbing, spouse-stealing, cold-hearted enemies with no love and consideration for one another. We laugh at cat-fights on Love & Hip Hop, we quote the movie Mean Girls whenever possible and we shrug off offensive, degrading and false stereotypes about feminism. Do all women need to be nice to each…

Palestinian Rap Group Calls Out Gender Inequality In the Middle East

Palestinian rap group DAM is known for their ground-breaking music and ballsy lyricism. For the past few years the group has been made up of three male rappers – Mahmood Jrere and brothers Suhell and Tamer Nafar – who have been pushing the envelope as far as Palestinian Hip Hop goes. Jrere and the Nafar brothers are…

Rue from ‘Hunger Games’ Just Schooled Everybody on Cultural Appropriation

Remember Rue from Hunger Games? She’s 16 now, and for a high school history class Rue Amandla Stenberg created a video called “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”, where she explains what exactly cultural appropriation is, how it’s enforced, and why it’s so detrimental. It’s a topic that’s often discussed but rarely this eloquently and even more…


RECPhilly is About to Make Philly the Hottest Music Hub in the Country

A few weeks back we traveled to SXSW to get a healthy dose of new music, film and technology. Along the way we met up with Philadelphia music initiative RECPhilly before they threw the first ever Philadelphia showcase at SXSW. We were able to chat with one of RECPhilly’s leaders Dave Silver, singer Milton McCauley and Marketing Coordinator John Wright about how…

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