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Dominick is a lover of many things: fine writing, obscure electronic/rap mash-ups, and having sex with women who aren’t from New Jersey. In the mornings, Dominick can often be found staring at his computer and screaming profanities. He says it helps with the creative process, but recent reports reveal that his mother Does. Not. Approve. Between bouts of indecision and self-hatred, Dominick has somehow managed to produce work that has been featured in places such as Vibe, mxdwn, Punchland, and a number of other places you may or may not have ever visited. As the editor of the viral video site,, he has the pleasure of uploading one horribly inappropriate video for every five cute cat clips. Check out his sexy writing at and holla @DominickJGrillo on Twitter.


Canadian Rappers That Aren’t Drake

Hip hop may have been born in the fires of Harlem and the Bronx, but, more than thirty years later, there’s hardly a spot on Earth that doesn’t have its own scene. From Japan to South Africa, Germany to Australia, and everywhere else in between, the spread of hip hop has been remarkable not only for its speed, but also for the wide range of styles that each location brings to the genre.

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