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The Purge: Election Year Is Almost Here

2013 thriller The Purge was immensely successful commercially, grossing almost $90 million during its time in theaters. Its sequel the next year, The Purge: Anarchy, raked in $111 million. Speculation about a third installment has buzzed throughout modern horror fans since. On July 1st, next Friday, the series becomes a trilogy, as The Purge: Election Year…


Rap Music’s Forbidden Fruit: White Emcees & the ‘N-Word’

The N-word. It’s easily the most infamous phrase that’s often substituted with saying the letter it begins with, followed by “word”. More so than any piece of profanity, from ‘fuck’ to ‘cunt’, in the lexicon of the English language. Its history is well-documented, as it’s been completely flipped 180 degrees from a viciously degrading insult towards an…

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