Articles by Ness White

Ness White is a 26-year-young Black, lesbian, journalist, writer, poet, musician living in Philadelphia, PA. Born and partially-raised in Southern California before living in Washington State and Upstate New York, she has been something of a traveler her entire life, readily observing and striving to connect with anything and everything on her journey's path. So far, no connection has been as intense, as indelible as hip hop. For Ness, hip hop is more than a genre. It is a way of living with the body, emotions, mind, spirit all experiencing its core. In essence, it is a way of being in the world. Through her writing—using the page as a stage—she performs like an MC, capturing your attention with style, swag before touching your soul with the heart of her words. Read them and go where she has been, then take her with you on your own journey.


Women In South America Got Street Cred

Before I jump into some of the differences between Latin American female hip hop artists and their U.S. counterparts, I want to note a similarity they both share: not many female hip hop artists actually make it into the mainstream.Though aside from hip hop already being a male-dominated industry in the United States and worldwide, female artists in Latin America are up against a cultural “machismo,” an strong sense of masculine pride and aggressiveness.

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