Articles by Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is a young 25 year-old currently residing in Brooklyn. Growing up in a household where each family member loved and thrived on reading, writing, and music - Ryan has retained those habits to this day and loves getting lost in a good read with some soulfully abstract electronic music humming in the background. An absolute music fiend, Ryan writes for an electronic/hip-hop site on the side (Get Lifted Tonight) to focus on shedding light for more underground artists all over the world. Ryan also eats more Chipotle than any human being really should and would eat it everyday if possible - judge him, he could care less.


It’s About Time

Above my bed, I keep a lifeless clock. It’s a habit I picked up from my father. The clock’s not broken, I purposely took the batteries out. The clock is moving, but at my own pace. Every birthday, I plan on moving it 18 minutes forward by hand. My clock currently reads 7:30 AM. This is what MY life clock reads, but I will explain more in-depth. First let’s do some math.

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