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Tight roping, side-eyeing, and analyzing my way through the complexities and spaces where life, art, and culture connect.

Bun B Turns Down 6 Figures to Maintain Integrity of His Hip Hop Course

It’s hard to knock the idea of rappers coming to the forefront of the classroom when someone like Bun B has proven that he takes the opportunity very seriously.  During a recent interview on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show, the UGK rapper shared how he has turned down 6-figures worth of performance in order…


Patricia Arquette’s Women’s Rights Comments Reek of Erasure & White Privilege

Feminist is a title I’ve never really embraced for many reasons, one of them being the reality that many white women see feminism with their struggle and will rally women of color to join the bandwagon while still perpetuating racist, counter-productive behaviors themselves. Partricia Arquette’s comments at the Oscars last night perfectly illustrated this. During her…


Geraldo Rivera Argues that Hip Hop is More Damaging Than Racism, Fails Miserably

Geraldo Rivera is known for making controversial statements: In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, in 2012, Rivera blamed his death on the hoodie Martin was wearing, and who can forget the major flack he received for saying that the best thing a woman can bring to a marriage is her youth.  That’s just two examples of among many…

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