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Content Director at OogeeWoogee. I'm a nomad; I like to engage in cross-cultures experiences---I'm a wanderlust, eating pancakes everywhere I go.


Young Paris, a French-African New Yorker, is Part of An African Music and Art Wave Spanning the Globe

It isn’t enough to simply refer to Young Paris as an African-Electro performer and producer, who wears makeup from his Bantu tradition. He’s an African visionary–an artist with Congolese ancestry, shaping and molding Hip Hop, house, electronic and the West African aesthetic into one remarkable vessel. There is a bit of Fela Kuti in him, too. He’s also part of…

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Garcia On His Video “Paid In Full” and the State of Latinos in Hip Hop

Paid in Full is a hood classic. It was a rise-and-fall crime drama that examined the drug trade scene in New York during the infamous Reagan years. The moral complexities of the characters Alpo Martinez, Rich Porter and Azie “AZ” Faison still fascinates American Hip Hop and film aficionados. Economic and business lessons were learned. Masculinity was challenged–the…

A Fan’s Eye View: Roots Picnic

She had a hard time pronouncing my name. “It’s Wilkine Brutus,” I told her. We’re at the Roots festival right now, lavishing in vitamin D, perusing through an eclectic community of music lovers and dancing, like an endless spiritual ceremony. We were complete strangers. But it didn’t matter. Music is the world’s oldest religion and…

Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

SiriusXM Gets Serious with Glen Beck Over Trump Assassination Comments

Unethical behavior and violent language is the hallmark of the 2016’s political season. But that’s been covered ad nauseam. What’s even more fascinating (and frightening) is the inner-turmoil in the Republican party, a nasty conservative fight which sees the Libertarian party threatening the Trump campaign, war propagandist Sean Hannity shielding Trump from valid scrutiny, and…

The Rise of Multicultural Millennials: My Speech at Twitter HQ

Media-savvy millennials are increasingly the designers and the designed. Their identities are just as fluid as the content they consume. They’ve become interculturally connected through multiple platforms; it’s a big, fragmented family constantly embracing and challenging their shared values. And everyone, from consumers to content producers, is still trying to understand the content flow. Consistent storytelling just may be the answer…

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