Biggie Really Made a Pepsi Commercial

Canibus said it best,

The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th.

So Rest in Peace to the gawd, Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie only put out two studio albums, one being a double album, but his impact on the culture has been so monumental; I am confident that his name will echo as long as there’s a Coogi sweater and Versace shades somewhere on this Earth.

That being said, there are still little known facts about the man, but they emerge every once in a while. For example, Biggie was once commissioned by Pepsi to lay down a track promoting the soft drink. Check it out below.

The lyrics read as follows:

“Hey yo, Enuff, man! What you got to drink up in here, man? I’m thirsty

Big slam, quick slam, tin can, whatever
Whether too cold or too hot, you got to keep Pepsi in the freezer
I keep a 3 liter for my crew
My girl like them diet joints too
For when she watch her weight, crack the top I can’t wait
Other sodas taste the worst — I don’t even converse
If it can’t quench my thirst what you in my fridge for?
What you wanna live for? Life with the dry mouth
Hot like the south, flash out ya 12 ounce and renounce
Nothing can beat the P-e-p-s-i
Yes I drink it constantly; cop it by the case, tastes great, less filling
Non-alcoholic I can feed it to my children
Tell em Biggie said, “Drink it all”; don’t test me!
Nothing else beats a Pepsi, if it is, let’s see… I’m thirsty”

HA! Kind of a funny style if you ask me but I’m sure the check was mean so I ain’t too mad at you, Bigs. Especially not on this day.


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