Black History Gets One Month; White History Gets Several Months

It was recently announced that Hilary Clinton will be inducted in the Irish America magazine’s hall of fame in March 2015. Congrats to her. But the white supremacist structure in the U.S will not allow the cultural grand narrative to embrace black parallels to the Irish struggle (e.g The Troubles).
Instead, we will begin our annual fight for black history inclusiveness, despite Irish Heritage Month being proudly celebrated directly after Black History Month.
There are reservations. Why not add correct revisions to our history books instead of lumping all black people, from all cultural/ethnic backgrounds, into one month? And why are so many Americans ill-informed about the other cultural heritage months?
The Black diaspora, like the Asian diaspora, is a bit more fragmented, and complex. And yet, White Americans, those who have a problem with Black History Month, never bat an eye in regards to white cultural heritage months celebrated throughout the year. The video below digs further into the blatant hypocrisy.CLICK TO WATCH 

Whether Americans want to acknowledge it or not, historical parallels will continue to be made.

From Asians in the 60s proudly displaying their “Yellow Peril Supports Black Power” signs…

Yellow Peril Supports Black Power (Oakland, California -1969)

Yellow Peril Supports Black Power (Oakland, California -1969)

…to the Black Lives Matter movement going abroad to countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

seoulfi.com (South Korea)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 2.50.52 PM

Credit: Seoulfi.com (South Korea) “Black Lives Matter”




Not Their News.

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