China Mac Drops Video For “Going Down” Featuring Nas’ Artist Dave East

China Mac is one of those artists whose words permeate deeper into a listeners psyche for a reason. That reason is authenticity and credibility. Mac has had a colorful past, for lack of a better term, but now has shifted gears into a more positive speed yet still keeps that grit and attitude that is innate in his character.

His new song “Going Down” channels a sound and an emotion reminiscent of 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and China Mac’s words ring just as true as he cries,

If I go broke then I’m selling soap
preacher man trying to sell us hope
hustleman trying to sell us dope
they just crabs in a bucket trying to pull me down

The Chinatown, NYC rapper rides the beat aggressively as if his back was literally against the ropes while in the booth. Mac brings on the talents of Nas’ new signee, Dave East, of Harlem, NYC who’s been making waves especially for keeping that New York charisma that we as a culture have come to expect but with a refreshing twist of wit within his words.

I’m fucking with this joint and I hope to see more cross collaborations from talented artists putting whatever bullshit aside and letting talent collide with talent. More of this, please.


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