CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco, and Diplo Drop Video for Doctor Pepper

Let’s keep it 100. CL’s debut on American soil, which was “Doctor Pepper,” left most of us underwhelmed. The audience seemed to want more substance and were used to Riff Raff on Diplo produced records like this, but CL is the queen of Kpop and most of her fanbase (which includes myself) hold her and her artistry to a certain standard.

The record itself left me wanting more, or less, or… something. The song wasn’t saying much, and the features were cool, but I did find myself going back to Mad Decent’s soundcloud to play “Doctor Pepper” more than a few times.

Okay, it grew on me.

It was almost like a guilty pleasure, though. It felt wrong. But all my insecurities and inhibitions have fizzled away like that flat Dr. Pepper you left out as a mixer from last night’s Jack Daniels cocktail, as of this morning when the official music video for the party record finally dropped.

The visuals were directed by Uzi, who is a very exciting new artist to watch in his own right. The visuals stay in tune with what Uzi usually brings to the table, which is very apropos for the vibe of “Doctor Pepper” itself, so this works very well. The digitized Internet aesthetics juxtaposed with the hyper-modern combination of a South Korean female rapper, a reality-TV-star-turned-rap-cult-icon, and a high-energy rapper from Atlanta with a distinct sound all come together backed by the immense power and influence that is Diplo and Mad Decent.

Even with that concoction of star power on this track, I originally had my doubts, but this is definitely one of those cases where the visuals made me enjoy the song much more. You’ve got my undivided attention, CL.


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