Cuba’s Chinatown (Yes, There’s One of Those) Needs Preservation

Barrio Chino De Havana is a neighborhood in Havana, Cuba that is populated by a small Chinese immigrant community. This community used to be much larger but due to a lack of organization and awareness, the population and culture are dwindling.



The Chinese were brought to Cuba during the mid 1800’s to either replace or work with African slaves. After their slave contracts were fulfilled, they settled into this new country they’d grown accustomed to. When the 20th century turned its corner, more Chinese immigrants came to Cuba on their own accord to escape the hostile political climate of their homeland.




Though there was a spike in Chinese immigration during that period in history, it was mostly men coming to Cuba, which in turn created a large community of Chinese/Cuban babies, and not as many pure Chinese children.



There are people in this town that are now advocating the preservation of the Chinese culture in Havana, as it would be a sad thing to lose their sense of community. However, the real situation there is still not completely understood, so now we wait for the fog around the only recently reachable country in Cuba to clear.



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