Diaspora Through Dining: The Black & Asian Experience

Wilkine Brutus (Haitian-American) and Danny Chung (Korean-American) explore their immigrant backgrounds, identity politics, Hip Hop, and the cross-cultural hardships of American assimilation in the Black and Asian community.

In this first video, Chung invites Brutus to Jonro, a Korean restaurant in the heart of Koreatown, NYC, to break bread and explore their commonality.

We’ve teamed up with Ebony Magazine to release Diaspora Through Dining,” to explore human interconnectedness in the midst of a heightened racial and political American climate.

Here is an excerpt from the video:

“We are American children of immigrant parents, of the lived experience of Haitians and Koreans, of black power and yellow peril and of minority pawns pitted against each other— We represent the invisibility of Asians and the hypervisibilty of Blackness, and occupy two polar opposite spaces, the effeminate model minority versus the hyper masculine, violent nuisance: two distinct depictions which undermines our humanity. Raised in the Hip Hop era and the rise of digital media, we know what it takes to be a conduit of social change. At least we think we do. So we broke bread with each other, like any human would.”

Shot and Edited by Austin Horton

[Teaser] Wilkine Brutus invites Danny Chung to La Caye, a Haitian restaurant in Brooklyn.


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  1. March 12, 2016 @ 2:55 am Teech

    Great interview


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