Donald Trump Diss Track (Video)

I haven’t battle rapped against anyone since my Hall-Of-Fame run on BET’s 106 Park weekly segment “Freestyle Friday”, and I’m not about to start doing it again, as music has always been my main focus. However, I just couldn’t resist the idea of writing a diss track to one of the most divisive figures on the planet right now, the man, the myth, the mogul, the windbag, Donald J. Trump.

From his various sexist comments about women, his insanely racist plans regarding Mexicans and Muslims, and of course, his incredibly creepy comments he’s repeatedly made implying he wishes he could bang his daughter, Trump is deplorable, to say the least. The guy is pretty much a real life Disney villain. Between all of his evil (and boneheaded) ideas regarding foreign and domestic policies, and his cartoonish, hilarious physical appearance (he’s fat, weirdly orange-skinned and, of course, there’s whatever that dead animal is on his head), I had more than enough ammo to roast this fool.

Enjoy my diss to this delusional weirdo over the instrumental for one of the greatest diss tracks ever, 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up”, along with some help on the adlibs from my good pal Rone.


First off fuck your wig and your whole campaign
Left side where we ride, Donald’s old and lame
Claim you ain’t a creep but wanna fuck your daughter
The Tea Party get dumped on like Boston Harbor
You getting older, but you sure ain’t getting smarter, man
All that fuckin’ money, can’t afford a better barber? Damn
You getting ate, that’s just how the cookie crumbles
Spray tan got you looking like you’re Snookie’s uncle
Far as Mexico, you a clown, dude
Build a wall? Really dog? We should build it ‘round you
And kick you off of our soil
Comedy Central gave you a roast, now you getting char broiled
You win the primaries? we ain’t really concerned
Senator Sanders will have you feeling the bern
In a real race, fat ass won’t keep up
Jesus! We better off voting for Deez Nuts
Do your supporters know that they’re stupid?
Stacey Dash? We all know that she’s clueless
I should gag you with your silver spoon, buddy
Started from the bottom? Yeah, bottom feeding daddy’s money
You’ll make America great again? Nope
That’s as likely as you getting Louis Farrakhan’s vote
He’s pathetic, I said it, I meant it
You say he’s not, your pants on fire like they lost the Apprentice
Sexist, racist and ignorant type of hypocrite
Hating on some innocent immigrants, get off Twitter, bitch
What you thinkin’ isn’t significant
All Muslims wearing badges? That’s a little Hitler-ish, isn’t it?
I hope they build a mosque in your front yard
Think you won the game but I pulled your Trump card
Gotcha! I’ll have somebody rob ya for your dollars
And then I’ma holler at Ivanka, Donnie, I’ll hit her up!



Not Their News.

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