Dumbfoundead Mixes Korean and English Rap on New Track ‘Mijangwon 미장원’

The Los Angeles rapper borrows the talents of fellow Koreatown residents Loopy and Nafla and navigate the language barrier between English and Korean with the vehicle of great fucking music.

Loopy and Nafla are relatively new the scene but are quickly rising up that ladder and becoming more visible due to their tenacity and raw talent. Dumbfoundead continues to be the most relevant face of Hiphop as far as Asian-American scene and is an absolute force in music, period.

In this song, the video the theme is set in a woman’s hair salon aka a mijangwon or 미장원. Visually this joint definitely kept me interested and the song is a banger itself. Dumbfoundead co-directed the video as well.

I’m still far from jaded to see American rap and Korean rap fuse so effortlessly and sound tight to me. There was absolutely a time when I was embarrassed to have my parents speak in Korean in public. Now I request DJs at parties everywhere to play Korean records and no matter your race, nation, or creed, I promise you we getting lit. What a time…


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'Dumbfoundead Mixes Korean and English Rap on New Track ‘Mijangwon 미장원’' have 1 comment

  1. December 27, 2015 @ 10:41 am Beauty

    Hahaha yeah I got the dumb moment time when the Korean mixed up with English :D


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