Enslavement Of The Female Body: Liberté‎ Chan

Being that there are still a lot of old ass people in the world who hold on to chauvinistic, sexist, and perverted ideals, women are still subjected to the idea that a woman should shield and hide her body on a regular basis.

From schools banning skirts and skinny-jeans over in Staffordshire to being ostracized in the work place for what they choose to wear on any given day, the female gender is constantly limited to what they can and can’t wear because of what stigma they’ll be labeled with as a result of, well, wearing or doing what the fuck they want.
Fueled by male insecurity or fear of harassment and rape, it’s safe to say that women are extremely limited in terms of straight up existing. And whether the “toning it down” is to avoid being labeled a hoe, to appease the insecurities of her male counterpart, or in Liberté Chan’s case, to appear more professional, it’s all patriarchal, male-ego fueled bullshit.

What took place this past weekend in Los Angeles, California involving a dress worn by KTLA morning weather presenter Liberté Chan is an example of just how far this male-ego fueled bullshit is engrained in the minds of humans the world over, and more specifically, the US. She was berated for wearing a form fitting dress that shows her arms.
Liberté Chan arrived to work donning a dress that, although she should have known prior to putting it on, wound up clashing with the green-screened images displayed behind her while presenting the forecast. Her back-up outfit was a black sequined dress that caused quite the stir with viewers at home who promptly emailed and tweeted the station deeming her attire as inappropriate. One viewer who complained went as far as saying that Chan “looks like she didn’t make it home from her cock-tail party last night.”

What ended up being fuel added to the fire was her coworker and fellow anchor Chris Burrous handing her a cardigan from off-stage for her to “cover up” with. Although later clarified as a joke on Liberté’s blog, many people immediately jumped down Chris’ throat claiming that he was contributing and agreeing with the offended viewers at home.
In reference to the aforementioned skirt-banning school, of course that’s gonna be a different case because we’re dealing with minors. But, the reasoning for the change in uniform policy was that male-faculty and students were often distracted by the way the female students dressed. I reference this because it shows how early society condition females to police themselves in terms of what they can and can’t “get away with”. Also, the male faculty obviously feel uncomfortable with the sexual urges they feel upon seeing their female students wear above knee-length skirts and tapered jeans. Because of those feelings, the dress code “needed a revamp.”

Perhaps the reason why occurrences such as the ones mentioned above and the sweater-offering to Liberté Chan happen are based on the suppressed sexual urges that many men can’t control or come to terms with. Liberté Chan is a professional, she conducted herself like a professional, and the viewers at home were being sensitive, butt-hurt, pussies. The common-douche male psyche works like this, if a female isn’t showing skin for him, she’s a hoe for showing skin. That shit needs to stop. Women don’t dress for you and don’t have to, bro.

The initial response that Liberté Chan received is an example of how far we still have to go in terms of being an equal society in regards to gender, but with the thousands of responses she has received in form of the #IStandWithLiberte campaign, awareness is growing, and that’s always dope to see. A woman has the right to do whatever and dress however she wants. Ladies, dress however you’re comfortable. Whatever you deem appropriate is none of my business and damn sure isn’t any else’s.


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