Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

Facts Only: Journalist Shaun King Calls Ferguson Officials Out On Their Shadiness

On Wednesday, investigative journalist Shaun King went in on Ferguson police and political officials for blatant corruption in the Michael Brown case. He laid out mad facts and documents that point to what most of us already know – they are trying to make sure Darren Wilson gets off.

Still, his details show that this goes deeper than you might imagine. Shaun calls out Wilson’s supporters and media for insinuating that Michael Brown tried to attack him, when evidence proves Brown was 35 feet away, and for ignoring witness testimonies that verify the 18-year-old was surrendering at the time Wilson fired at him. On top of this, the prosecutor, the governor and the head of the police union are all besties, and the police chief is shady as hell. Basically, everyone’s got their hand in the dirt. Take a glance at just some of Shaun’s eye-opening tweets to get the scoop on the massive cover up taking place.

How it starts 

Shady politicians

Note: Jeff Roorda is a Democratic member of the Missouri House of Representatives and is running for the Missouri Senate.

Then there’s the prosecutor …


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