Brazilian Man Gets Surgery To Look Korean

A man from Brazil underwent numerous surgeries to get that Korean look. Honestly, that shit worked like a charm. The man, who declined disclosing his name, spent some time as an exchange student in South Korea and was inspired by the culture of cosmetic surgery there and wanted to “look more Korean”. He even wears dark colored contacts to mask his naturally blue eyes. Check down below for more pictures.


Phase Two: Adidas Gives Kanye A Personal Design Team and Yeezy Exclusive Stores

In light of a tweet that adidas sent just six hours ago, the public’s been informed that Kanye West and the aforementioned sportswear manufacturer are extending their partnership into broader means of production. At first limited to lifestyle products such as overpriced garments with holes in them and the Yeezy 750 and 350 boosts, now it’s purported…

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