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Frederick Talks Floridian Hip Hop, Haitian Identity, and “The Calm” EP

Frederick is from a current era of Hip Hop that no longer places a cultural obligation to guard its region like a dog marks its territory. Aesthetic preferences has taken precedent over regional loyalty. But despite its experimental interplay with music production, lyrical style, and evolving subject matter, authenticity still remains a fundamental tenet in the culture. And that’s all that matters to him.

In our latest podcast (a phone call with bad connection), Frederick, a member of the burgeoning South Florida rap scene, talks about uplifting the culture through his music, the power of civic minded millennials, the importance of individuality in storytelling, and how his Haitian-American identity shaped his worldview.

Broward New Times didn’t include Frederick in their latest 2015 top ten South Florida rappers list, but look out for Frederick in 2016 and beyond.

“The Calm” EP was an official, independent introduction into the ever-changing world of music. The introduction in his Soundcloud description reads:

#TheCalm is a compilation of his views on the numerous situations that have weathered his life throughout #2015. Frederick begins this EP in an explosive manner in order to convey the level of intensity behind the messages he is providing to his listeners. This EP allows us to experience not only #TheCalm, but the storm before as well.

Frederick performing “The One” at Artspoken Thursdays. Check out “The Calm EP” below.

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    Dope Podcast, I Love Fredericks Music Vibe.


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