Fuck the Confederate flag! It’s Not Your “Heritage.”

FUCK the Confederate flag. We are tired of hearing that it’s about Southern heritage and that the Civil War and the Confederate army it represents was about state’s rights, not slavery.

I’m from the South. The only thing that flag represents regarding my heritage is that I descend from a people that your people did not think were people. The 1860 Census shows that the South’s population hovered around eight million Americans. Of that number, 4.2 million people, fifty-two percent of the population was Black: the willfully ignorant folks who believe that the Confederate battle flag (which represented less than ½ of the Southern population during its inception) doesn’t foster racial division are living through the heritage of white denial. ”

A hometown associate of mine argued that Black Confederate soldiers made it clear that the war and flag were not about slavery. Because, though the definition of slavery includes exhaustive labor with restricted freedom, she thinks Blacks had free will and made a choice to fight for the Confederacy. If that is true, were they really even slaves? Have we all been duped? Bamboozled? No!

Like my hometown associate, this potential presidential candidate, Jim Webb, is going to end up on the wrong side of history:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.36.33 PM

His own supporters backed off from him. The top comment from his public feed reads:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.21.15 AM
Massa to his slaves, “Would you fine animals like to fight in this war so that you can remain my property?”

Slaves in reply, “Why yes sir, Massa! We love being property!”

The leaders of the Confederacy debated arming slaves for years, but resisted because it would free them. What were the thoughts that dominated this debate? Oh, thoughts about state’s rights, that included statements like, “What did we go to war for, if not to protect our property,” and “if slaves will make good soldiers, our whole theory of slavery is wrong. “The situation was bleak for the Confederates in the spring of 1865” when they decided to approve black slaves as soldiers.

It is important to note that the Confederacy barred Blacks from serving in their army until March 13, 1865. But, when you are getting your ass kicked, you get a little desperate. Nearly four years after the war began and less than a month before it ended, they changed their minds. Clearly, their enlistments had nothing to do with White men approving it – it was just serendipity y’all! Come into the light you poor, misguided souls.


No one has a good grasp on the actual number, but most historians agree that most Blacks behind Confederate lines were servants, not soldiers. Of the estimates that do exist, the highest hovers around 10,000. The only actual documentation shows a much smaller number (200) of Black Confederate soldiers among the ~200,000 total Confederate soldiers.

I’m no statistician, but that’s 1/10th of a percentage point of total Confederate soldiers. It’s not even 1/100th of a percentage of the total Black Southern population. Either number, without considering the underlying servitude that made them enlist, is not statistically significant to prove any point.

Southern pride advocates may need more people…literally. Mint juleps and sarcastic ‘bless your hearts’ are things that you can and should use to represent your Southern heritage. Not a treasonous flag that represents your ancestors desire to protect their state’s right to own people. Which brings us right back to where we began – FUCK your flag!

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