How to See Stereotypes Through Racist Glasses

It’s pretty crazy how much can be packed into under a minute. In a new 58-second-long video by YouTuber Rudy Mancuso, he portrays a man who finds a pair of “racist glasses” that, when worn, show all ethnicities in the most stereotypical light possible. The clip touches on stereotypes of whites, blacks, middle easterners, Asians and Mancuso’s own Hispanic heritage. It’s a humorous but also thought-provoking take on the racism that still runs rampant in the USA. While we get some hearty laughs out of “Racist Glasses”, we should also take a good look in the mirror like Mancuso does in the end of the video, and see how judgmental thinking can affect anyone negatively, regardless of race.


I'm just here to tell the story before somebody tells it for me.

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