If You Are Black, I Mean Dirty, Chinese Detergent Brand Qiaobi Will “Clean” You!

The Earth is old as fuck. According to Mendel’s Law and tons of scientific research, the first human beings on this planet were what we consider ‘black’. Yet to this day, we are still working to break ground in terms of racial equality and overall humanitarian progress. To some who inhabit our planet, darker skin implies a bevy of things about a person’s character.

Whether they be perceived as dangerous, dishonest, lazy, or any other negative connotation you can stamp on a “group of people” you were brainwashed by either your parents or peers to believe, I have yet to see more of a brazen example of systemic racism in an advertisement as haughty as the one above in my life.
According to a Chinese detergent brand, Black = dirty.

A commercial promoting a detergent brand owned by Chinese company “Qiaobi” has been circulating the internet and causing quite the stir. The blatant show of hatred for black people speaks volumes of not only the black/white divide in the world but the divide in regards to those who are of darker or lighter skin tone the world over.

Although promoted and marketed in China, where of course, it isn’t the U.S. – it’s insane to compare ongoing racial conflict in my country with a country where white people aren’t the majority. In our country, as far as media and advertisement goes, racism is somewhat subtler than it used to be. Judging from this ad, it looks like China is pretty OK with having darker skin black skin being akin to dirtiness. This is shown by the actress placing a detergent packet into the Black male actor’s mouth before stuffing him into the washing machine.
It’s a known fact that it is culturally preferable in China to be of lighter, borderline pale complexion. It’s believed to signify cleanliness and, well, a higher level of anything that white supremacy has implemented to be likened to white people. From wealth to civilized behavior and intelligence, the effect of systemic racism being perpetuated by white folks is not only alive and well in the United States, but even in countries where white folks aren’t likely to be, to be frank.

This commercial says to me that because of all the things white people have forcefully and strategically likened themselves to since we started visiting other countries and *cough* commandeering them, other races in their respective homelands now aspire to be as white in appearance as humanly possible so as to hopefully be considered white socially/economically as well. This is disturbing. Another disturbing thing about this commercial is the fact that the black actor willingly contributed to this ridiculous show of blatant hatred towards his own people.
With the epidemic of skin-bleaching in Jamaica, Africa, and many other locations where people of darker complexion are the majority, growing in popularity, there is ample proof that speaks to how wide the systematic racism of white people has spread. The fact that a commercial like this not only received a production budget, but air-time, is not appalling, but disgusting.

I refrain from saying appalling because, quite frankly, I’m not surprised. We can’t sit here and sweep racism under the rug, especially when a tarp wouldn’t cover it either. The shit exists, y’all.

What we as people have to do is speak out against this shit and come together with initiative to focus on an end goal. The eradication of racism is a strong possibility, but with how far it has spread and how deeply it is engrained in humans the world over, it’ll take effort that has never been seen before. This video shows that by having a Chinese actor spring up from the washing machine prior to the dirtied, filthy black male actor being jammed into it for a ‘cleansing’.
Here at Oogeewoogee, we hope to be a haven where you can not only find some entertaining and original content, but content that provokes constructive thought. We normally don’t associate with the bullshit found on other youth-driven sites, but when something like this comes across the screens of my colleagues and I we have to use our platform to speak on how and why things like this occur. With that being said, it most definitely is bullshit. Bullshit that my generation isn’t taking sitting down.

This is a form of racism. Hate comes in many forms. Things like this are not ok. Our generation is showing valiant efforts towards not only addressing the racist bullshit planted here by the generations before us but by disassociating ourselves from it completely. There’s more work to be done, but I thoroughly believe we’re well on our way towards being unified as one. Commercials like this one don’t speak to now, but the effects of the past. And we can’t live in that.


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