Inside The “Insatiable” Listening Session

To live in a day and age where musicians still manage to give a fuck about artistic integrity and produce soul-bearing material, I feel truly grateful. I wrote this introduction crouched onstage at Bourbon & Branch while filming clips for the recap video attached to this article.

This past Thursday I had the honor of covering the debut listening session of an artist I’ve seen humiliate rappers on live TV, been on the same bill as, and worked alongside here at Oogeewoogee (in that order) – that artist of course being none other than Voss.
insatiable friends 2
The event took place in Philadelphia’s own Bourbon & Branch located at 705 N 2nd Street. Shortly after the 8pm opening, close to a hundred loyal supporters, friends, and lovers of Hip-Hop piled in to either grab a drink and enjoy the music, admire the beautiful artwork adorning the walls of the venue, or a combination of the three.

Celebratory vibes, attentive ears, and alcohol was abundant. If the crowd wasn’t transfixed on the yet to be released music playing, the various performers that kicked the event off, or the artwork around them, they were enjoying each other’s company and doing their best to make it to the ever-moving man of the night – Voss – to offer their congratulations and praise.
insatiable friend shots
The thirteen-track offering is a blend of raw emotion, first-hand account, and intricate wordplay interwoven with forceful, yet spacious backing instrumentals – giving the wordsmith the appropriate setting to voice whatever was on his mind. Insatiable – which will be available on all services where music can be streamed, sold, or downloaded – is set to be released on the 22nd of this month. For those of you who slept and missed out on the listening session, you still have the music video to “Respect My Mind” (dropping on Voss’ VEVO channel come the 15th) to look forward to, and can pre-order the album on iTunes (with the incentive of two immediately downloadable tracks), and Amazon.
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