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Inside The Lines: Black Thought’s 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)

Listen, Black Thought is one of the best MC’s to ever grace the planet. Back in 2008, The Roots Rising Down released, containing gems such as “Get Busy”, “Criminal”, and of course “75 Bars”.   “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)” is a non stop lyrical barrage front to back of bars that should invoke fear in any unworthy MC and Rik Cordero captures mood by directing an equally chilling visual. Halfway through the onslaught we hear,

“Fuck gettin money for real, get freedom.”

In 2008, with a newly elected black POTUS and the promises of change on the horizon, people were still focused on making the literal change instead of being a proponent to figurative change. Systematic racism still plagued black communities, materialism was a driving cause for violence, and policies like No Child Left Behind were major contributions to the miseducation of urban youth. Delivering a poignant one-liner such as the above mentioned spoke to what really mattered. Freedom. In a capitalistic society, having financial freedom grants you the ability to go, do, and the see things the less economically privileged aren’t privy to. This is only one of many bars that spoke to true freedom which is represented by individuality, knowledge of self, and free thinking.


Fuck money2


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