Inside The Lines: “Live and love a life I love to today”


Inside The Lines is illustrated by Michael White

Bob Marley made a poetic allegory paralleling the love of life and the love of people, in his lyrics for rare song “Place of Peace.”


“So far away from where it’s happening
You think you found a place of peace
Just to find that it’s happening everywhere

It’s happening here there and everywhere
Please don’t touch that with the vision
And ya need to Learn to respect every man religion
No one said or says that’s fair all the day,
Live and love a life I love to today
(Ohhmyeboo, ehh)

Lift my spliff and take a draw,
Someone says I’m breaking the law,
They make everything to try and arrest ya,
But they’re with the sandman can molest ya,
Some some villa fits them well all the day,
Live the best life we love well all the day,
Oh take me, Please mercy,
I don’t know whats happening,
In the valley of our aunts, hear them sing whooo,
I’ve been sold my rights are way out here like running,
They knew what I say, cool like honey,
Their days is away, vague lights are coming,
If you ever live like this remind, they like running.

This is all from ear and some doesn’t make sense but if you listen to it and sing along it sounds identical.

Bob Marley – Place of Peace

Illustrator Michael White brings the lyrics to life and literally personifies a group of people lost but will not give up– hold your light up high, to shine life  a star in the sky.


Artist from NEW YORK, I've dedicated my life to creating Art and letting my imagination lead me. Nothing is impossible, to be creative is to breathe beneath water.

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