Inside the Lines: “My plaid past, my solid future..”

Illustration by Michael White. Words by Cain Kerner.

This week’s Inside The Lines pulls from the Gorillaz single “DoYaThing” released on February 23rd, 2012. Featuring production and vocals from James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and André 3000 of Outkast, the record is the product of Converse and Cornerstone’s “Three Artists. One song.” campaign. Originally intended to be nothing more than a sneaker collaboration between Damon Albarn, Converse, and Jamie Hewlett, Cornerstone pressed Albarn to take the collaboration further by creating a record.

With the assistance of 3 Stacks and James Murphy, the result of what Albarn described as “a very exhilarating ride” was nothing short of eclectically awesome. With Albarn providing a melodic rap-esque verse as 2-D, Hewlett on the chorus, and André rapping his ass off for a solid minute and twenty-one seconds, the record essentially exists to be nothing more than a song that showcases the collaboration of three creative minds. Being that we’re focusing on the Hip-Hop aspect of the song, André can be quoted as saying…

New word, onomatopoeia, boom
Quit actin’ like you don’t wanna be here
Fuck around and get jumped like leap year
Glock and a glove make you
Really wanna leave me a-lone
Get the fuck on, go’n
Okay, okay, okay, back to the happy songs
Rap ain’t nothin’ but an auto-talkin’ shit
My girl look pretty up there ridin’ dick
My plaid past, my solid future
Astronaut ass and a gorgeous coochie
I’m an outcast, but you’re into me
Summer got mad ’cause winter blew me
That Juicy Fruit, that splooshie-sploosh
Generation X on bloop-de-bloop
Get duked out, or get dookie-duked
Er’rybody hit the floor, we through the roof
Like a chimney, now come in me
How come it be? Some lame man
Nigga talkin’ ’bout “Aw, he don’t rap enough”
But y’all rap a lot and I’m like “Wrap it up, hoe”
Ye ain’t Scarface, ye ain’t Willie D
Ye ain’t Bushwick, ye ain’t killin’ me
Better play with ya ma’fuckin’ mama
Betcha still stay witcha ma’fuckin’ mama
Keep sleepin’ on me, I’ma rock my pajamas
In the daytime, I swear, I promise
Dare a nigga say somethin’, tear a nigga face off
How come blacks don’t play baseball?
Y’all white, know y’all can taste
All this fly shit
I stay finna take off

André 3000 – Do Ya Thing

This verse is nothing more than good old fashion verbal flexing at a pace far too rapid for those lacking André’s expertise and style. Being that André is one of my personal favorites, I’m partial to anything he’s willing to give me as a listener, and this verse always was definitely appreciated upon release. The verse is just bunch of rapper shit-talking, but being that it’s André 3000 shit talking, I’m all for it.

Although enticing in theory, mixing three artists that have their own avant-garde styles on one record has the possibility of resulting in a train-wreck. Lucky for us, the result was nothing short of dope. Enjoy the video below.



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