Inside The Lines: Standing Up and Turning All the Wrongs to the Right

Illustration by Michael White. Words by Danny Chung.

As Women’s Month continues, we are no where near running out of impactful women of culture that need exalting. Today we wanted to show case one of the original groups in Hiphop that exemplified self-power and empowerment of using music that not only had a message but always kept it fun.

Salt-N-Pepa were unapologetically strong women who spoke from their hearts as well as spoke for the women out there who were as strong as they were. In this song, “Ain’t Nothing But A She Thang'” they went on to say:

Taking control of the wrongs in their life.
Standing up and turning all the wrongs to the right.”

They made it a point to lyrically state that they can take control of what’s not right in their lives and do what’s in their power to make them right. They didn’t need help from a man, or anyone else for that matter.



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