Inside the lines: Tears, Scars, & Lies

A quick description of what Inside The Lines will be before we get into it:

Our illustrator at OogeeWogee, Michael White, has a gift at bringing ideas and visions to life in a tangible way where we can see, on paper (or on screen), what was merely a thought a short time before. With that said, lyrics has a way of painting vivid pictures and images with mere spoken word and as critical listeners of the art, many of us tend to visualize these lyrics and can literally see what these rappers are saying.

Inside The Lines is a series where we take some of music’s most vivid lyrics and translate them into an illustrated visual. This is a place where we can see with our ears and listen with our eyes.

This week’s Inside the Lines, we take a look into the message behind the song “Tears, scars and lies”.



Mista was a young teenaged R&B quartet that released their self-titled album in the summer of 1996. The album’s leading single “Blackberry Molasses” sung by who we know as Blobby Valentino (solo career). The track on the album “Tears, scars and lies” was an open letter to the oppressors of this world.


I cannot forget all the heartaches you put me through
When I am constantly reminded by the things that you do
I just can’t let go of the pain and the hurt inside
When I wear the scars from all the times that you’ve lied
Gray skies and lonely paths
Thinking about my baby helps me get by
I’m trapped in a world where nobody knows my name
Opinions flying everywhere driving me insane
My momma said there will be days like this
So you better count your pennies cause you might just need a wish
I got to be strong
Continue to hold on…

Mista – Tears, Scars, & Lies


Artist from NEW YORK, I've dedicated my life to creating Art and letting my imagination lead me. Nothing is impossible, to be creative is to breathe beneath water.

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